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How to Add Ribbons to Your Tutu
What you will need: A tutu to use as your base, various colors and widths of ribbon for trim, ruler, scissors, colored tape and a piece of paper to make a pattern.
Lay out the ribbons on a piece of paper using the edge of paper as if it were the edge of your tutu. Staple or tape in place. Stitch down the first piece of ribbon being careful not to pull or stretch the net or tulle underneath the ribbon when stitching. If using thinner ribbon only one stitch is needed, on wider ribbon it may be best to stitch down both sides of ribbon.
Re adjust colored tape guide for each row of ribbon as needed and stitch as many rows as desired. After finished a light low-heat iron will press out any wrinkles in the ribbons (just be cautious with heat on nylon tulle).

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