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How to Create a Tutu Top Plate & Bodice Applique Using our 54" Net Square

What you will need: Tutu and Bodice, 1 Net Square, Pins, Scissors, Tailors Chalk or Disappearing Pen for marking, Decorative Trim 

Set your tutu on a flat surface and lay the peice of net over. Pin around top of basque and mark center front, sides and back opening. Remove net overlay and cut out circular shape leaving approx 1" allowance above basque line. Reserve leftover net for bodice appliques.

NOTE: Any variation of trims or appliques can then be attached to the net base at this time.
For our version fold net top plate in half and then quarters to create a symetrical design. Any shape can be created from here ie: scallops, points etc. We have shown inverted scallops as an example. Draw pattern and then stitch desired trim on.topplatetut03.jpg
Net plate can then be laid on top of tutu and hand-stitched down. topplatetutu04.jpg
To add an applique on the bodice lay a peice of the leftover netting over the bodice and cut and pin in place, don't worry about making perfect edges, they can be trimmed away later. Mark top line of bodice and desired pattern. Remove netting and finish drawing and perfecting trim lines.topplatetut05.jpg
Stitch desired trim on net backing and then trim away any excess.topplatetut06.jpg
Pin net applique on bodice and stitch down.
Net appliques and top plates can then be removed when needed.

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